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Credits Rules

We need your help!

IVRose needs your help in growing our brand. In return for sharing our app with your connections on social media, we’ll give you shopping credits.

100 credits equal $1 USD

Other Ways to Earn Credits

Credit rules:

IVRose may change its Credit Policy at any time. Changes might take effect without advance notice. The Credits Policy is hosted in our app’s "Settings" area. We also advise the customers consult our website periodically for Credit Policy changes.

Coupon Policy

IVRose accepts customers’ coupons only for the specific items included in their purchases. The redemption value is as stated on the coupon, unless the value equates to a final price that is less than $0. If application of the redemption value yields a price less than $0, the coupon will only be redeemed for the amount that comes out to a $0 price (customers cannot receive a cash payout by way of a coupon purchase).

Coupon Code

IVRose may offer coupon codes online and offline. Our coupon policy applies to coupons offered both online and offline.

All coupon terms are subject to the IVRose Coupon Policy that is in effect at the time of the coupon’s redemption. We may change the terms of our Coupon Policy at any time. Such changes may take effect without advance notice. The current Coupon Policy is posted in our app’s "Settings" section. We also recommend users consult our website periodically for Coupon Policy changes.

Updated July 22, 2016

Updated on July 22, 2016